About Us


Whether you need a personal loan to catch up with unexpected emergency expenses, consolidate your debt or simply get one step closer to your dreams, we thrive on helping enthusiast like you to take control over their finances. Why? Because credit really matters. Money is a fundamental ingredient of life, and unless you’re one of the few percent of people with significant wealth, the price of borrowing affects you every day. Throughout history, affordable credit has been central to unlocking mobility and opportunity. Callabanker.com has been developed in June 2020, to make your financial decisions transparent, easy, and convenient. Borrowers can apply online for a home loan, personal loan, business loan & credit cards while you can also open a Business Account or a Personal Account at the same time you can get a motor insurance with the lowest premium possible. With the use of technology and data innovations, along with a lot of hard work, we intend to make complex decisions simple for you. A philosophy that has helped us become UAE’s leading personal finance platform & an independent digital organization.