Business Account


Setting up a Company Bank Account in UAE can be a time consuming and a frustrating process for Business Owners. What makes it a tedious process are the shifting compliance requirements, updated guidelines, International banking regulations along with the documentation requirements by the bank. The Banking in UAE is different from what you may be used to in your country.

The bright side is that once you are done with the company setup, Banking Experts are here to assist you in setting up a Business Account by finding the most suitable bank for your company setup & assisting you on every step of the process until the account is opened.


Excellence in Services

Facing issues in opening a Company Account as you have a Flexi Desk Office?

Business Account closed by a bank due to Cheque Returns? Want to open a new one?

Not able to open a Business Account as your company is newly formed in UAE?

Facing hurdles in opening a Business Account as your company is located in a Free Zone?

You own an offshore/BVI/Cyprus registered company & want to open a Company Account in UAE?

Unable to open a Business Account due to Risky Nationality / Risky Industry / Unclear Source of Funds?